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!! THE GAME RECEIVES DAILY UPDATES!Your goal here is to repopulate your little nest of water to emerge again, but for this you will need to put the batteries and get to work on it. The earth is a bit sterile but it is still capable of giving some basic resources. !!!!You seem to have the empty stomach, look for some grass tear it off and eat it to get fit (the grass is born anywhere on earth). :)Survive and don’t let the other fish kill you.!!!!multiplayer available!!!!

Touch buttons to acelerate , attack and run.move the camera with the touch on the right side of the screen.Z SWIMX SWIM FASTERCTRL ACTION BUTTONLEFT HALF TURNRIGHT HALF TURNESC SHOW CURSORENTER RETURN CLOSE NOTIFICATIONThe voice chat available (function in development) is activated by pressing the button with the microphone image and then pressing any player in the list (press again to hang up).